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Plaza Inmobiliaria

Plaza Inmobiliaria is the only german and english speaking real estate agency in Tazacorte and  since almost a decade we are established  among the most sucessful real estate agencies on La Palma.

There are some obvious reasons why we opened our office right here in this lovely place on the west coast of La Palma.

One reason is the location  in midtown, surrounded by shops, bars and restaurants, people come around to pick up news and to exchange informations. It´s the place to come together at least once a day.

An other reason is, Tazacorte is the sunniest city in hole Spain and that´s why people here are so friendly, laid back, generous  but also full enthusiasm.

Coming from Berlin we love Tazacorte for it´s constant changes and it´s future oriented plans, as the reconstruction of the town hall or the expansion of the port and many more ambitious real estate projects.

Keeping it´s relaxed flow Tazacorte moves on, that´s why we love it and after a few days you will love it too!

Aktuelles Wetter in Tazacorte

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Luftdruck: 1.003,3 hPa
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Wetter in Tazacorte gemessen am 02.11.2021, 18:21:18 Uhr (UTC) mit der eigenen Wetterstation.